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Robert was recently voted Britain’s top TV producer in Broadcast’s Magazines hot 100 There are numerous other articles on the web such as in Fast Company 
TV Cream’s Top 50 Movers and Shaker
As creator and leader of the BBC business documentary unit from 1993 to 2003 Robert made many successful series for the BBC, all of which followed strongly developed characters, under pressure, leading to transformation, with a strong narrative storyline   
There are also a number of Media profiles in the Independent and Guardian including this from the Guardian 2005 Edinburgh TV festival coverage
Safe and sound
There is a long and proud tradition of award-winners who taste the euphoria of victory, become tired and emotional, and then lose or break their gongs. Jamie's School Dinners series editor Robert Thirkell's name can now be considered for inclusion in this elite group, after he was introduced at a Sunday session at the Edinburgh TV Festival as "the man who had lost his award for programme of the year". The previous night, Thirkell had been found by a fellow festival goer wandering the corridors of his hotel in the early hours. Our good Samaritan felt Thirkell was in no fit state to be left in charge of the glassware prize he had accepted on behalf of Jamie's School Dinners, and took it to their hotel room for safe keeping. Which led to a slightly awkward moment when the award was returned to Thirkell later on Sunday, and he claimed to have no memory of the previous night's events.
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